Most frequent questions and answers
Live24.me is a social content platform that connects independent creators or professionals to provide customized video messages or blogs for its fans through Live24 points and build popularity. Any members can earn Live24 for free when join daily check in or invite friends. In- app-purchase Live24 points are available too.
You can directly sign up on the App with FB, Gmail, Phone Number, or Apple SignIn. Or You can sign up by clicking on the share link sent to you from existing members.
This app allows you to earn Live24 Points by making simple contributions to Live24’s community. The more you contribute, the more Live24 Points you earn. The fundamental contribution to the community is to check-in daily to the app.
Live24 is built for its content creators to build video messages and earn points, for content seekers that would use these messages for a variety of functions. A standard user joins Live24 for earning Live24 points by daily check-in and growing own team. A normal user can discover interesting contents, and bid (by spending points) to become a sponsor of specific content. A Content creator can obtain Creator status by submitting an application to the platform and get approved. Once approved, a Content creator can post videos to obtain sponsorship from users, or get users to book custom video messages in order to earn points. The more points earned, the more popular and valuable the platform becomes, and consequently the Live24 points gain more value. .Content Creator can build his or her profile, configure and set asking price and other vital information about how to contact and communicate with potential customers.
Click Me Page at bottom right -> click GiftBox on Top Left -> Click “Invite Friends to Join” button and you will be prompted to share to any social platforms of your choice.